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Volume II, Issue VII
July 2009

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Camelidynamics - Training or Handling?

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Wonderful things are happening at Alpaca Angel Acres. Habenero is a papa and we are proud to present Twinkle! This sweet little girl will make her show ring debut at the Great Western Alpaca Show in May 2010.

June was a very busy month and July has been just as exciting!

The 7th annual Humm-A-Baloo was held recently in Castle Rock, Colorado. We met many new friends and Cervato and Hubble were wonderful representatives of Alpaca Angel Acres!

Coming up in August is the Colorado State Fair. We'll see you there!

Camelidynamics - Training or Handling?

Camelidynamics is a training and handling program with major emphasis on handling. Created by founder Marty McGee Bennett, Marty teaches alpaca/llama owners and handlers the techniques that will insure your alpaca or llama feels safe in your presence. When your camelid feels safe with you they will trust you.

Not sure this is a necessary requirement? Do you:

  • have difficulty haltering your alpaca?
  • have an alpaca that plants his feet and won't budge when you try to lead?
  • have an alpaca that cushes (sits down) at the drop of a hat?
  • have difficulty catching your alpaca?
  • find it very difficult to conduct herd management and/or maintenance?

These are just some of the problems many alpaca and llama owners encounter every day. It doesn't have to be this way!

When I first started visiting alpaca farms, as long as I was on the other side of the fence the alpacas would come up close. It was an entirely different situation when I stepped into their paddock. The alpacas always stayed at least three feet away from me. I didn't know this then, but the three feet is their safety zone or flight zone.

Searching the Internet for anything I could learn about handling alpacas I came across Camelidynamics and Marty's book, 'The Camelid Companion'. No alpaca or llama owner, new or seasoned, should be without this book. Marty gives extraordinary insight as to how the camelid sees us.

What an eye opener this is!

Alpacas and llamas are very curious. Overriding their curiosity, and above all else, they need to feel safe. Marty's book taught me this.

'The Camelid Companion' will help you with:

  • haltering - and the importance of a properly fitted halter (safety)
  • leading - and that 'force' isn't necessary (flight zone)
  • herding - yes you can herd in a timely manner (herding tools)
  • catching your alpaca - do away with corner and grab (Wand)
  • herd management (without restraint)
  • herd maintenance (without restraint)
  • and so much more!

Alpacas are wonderful animals. You can have the relationship you want with just a little insight into this remarkable breed.

Since attending both basic and advanced Camelidynamics trainings with Marty McGee Bennett and reading 'The Camelid Companion', I have seen wonderful results with animals labeled "difficult". Order 'The Camelid Companion'. Your alpacas will love you for it. See below for a special newsletter offer!

Until next time enjoy your summer!


Laurie Kennon
Alpaca Angel Acres

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