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Volume II, Issue III
March 2009

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Alpaca Neonatal Clinic

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Upcoming Events

March 21, 09
Neonatal Clinic
Dr. Kim Gardner-Graff
Douglas County Fairgrounds
Denver, Colorado

May 1-3, 09
Great Western Alpaca Show
National Western Complex
Denver, Colorado

June 20-21, 09
Paca Buddies
Arapahoe Co. Fairgrounds
Aurora, Colorado

October 3, 09
Neonatal Clinic
Dr. Tim Thompson
Colorado State University,



Welcome to March! It will soon be a busy time in the alpaca industry. The spring birthing season is just around the corner and show season is on the horizon. There are many informative events scheduled over the next few months you won't want to miss. Be sure to note events, dates and locations in the Upcoming Events Calendar!

What is Dystocia?

The spring birthing season is a joyous occasion for all breeders. Is your first cria (baby alpaca) soon to be born on your farm? Are you ready and able to assist Mom in the event she has any difficulty? Have you attended an Alpaca Neonatal Clinic? Be prepared!! We all look forward to this season with great anticipation. There is nothing like watching these wonderful little alpacas come into this world. They are sitting, standing and nursing within 4 hours of birth. This is the scenario we want to see with the birth of all our new crias.

Do you know how to recognize if Mom is in distress and experiencing dystocia? Do you know how to reverse a uterine torsion? What causes uterine torsion? What is dystocia? Read on...

Alpaca Facts...

  • Averge adult weight is between 100-180 pounds
  • Average newborn weight is 15-20 pounds
  • Average lifespan is 20-25 years
  • Average breeding life is 15 years, females
  • Average gestation is 340 days
  • Females mature at 15-20 months
  • Males mature at about 3 years


Not only is the spring birthing season soon to be upon us, shearing days are being scheduled around the country. Our own shearing day is May 20. Pictures will be taken of our alpacas in before and after mode. Highlights to be shared in our June issue. Until next time have a safe and happy St. Patrick's day and a wonderful March!


Laurie Kennon
Alpaca Angel Acres

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