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Volume II, Issue II
February 2009

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Alpacas Debut at NWSS
Wet Felting

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February is here and soon it will be Valentines day! The Colorado mountains are deep in snow, alpaca fleeces are growing and thoughts of spring abound.

Alpacas were a big hit at a recent show. Read below for details...

Alpacas Debut at NWSS...

For the first time ever, Alpaca Breeders of the Rockies (ABR) were invited to debut at the 103rd National Western Stock Show and what a debut it was! The aisles between the alpaca stalls were so packed with people you could hardly walk through. People lined up four deep to ask owners and breeders questions and just enjoyed being around the alpacas. The performance and halter events had great attendance and 'The Evening with a Llama and Alpaca' created much fun and excitement in Stadium Hall. Not only were there many llamas and alpacas but there were lots of people too!

It was a fantastic beginning for alpacas at the National Western Stock Show and the Alpaca Breeders of the Rockies are looking forward to an even larger show next year. See you there!

Wet Felting...

Wet felting is a great way to learn the bonding characteristics of alpaca fiber. Spend some soapy time with your children and make wonderfully unique gifts for family and friends. There are many patterns to choose from on the internet as well as at your favorite craft store. Promoting your finished products through craft fairs can also help generate extra income in today's troubled times. Meet new friends and fellow fiber artists through this unique craft making experience. For my first endeavor read on...

Next month learn the importance of attending a Neonatal Clinic. This is something all breeders should attend at least once.

Remember your loved ones and have a wonderful February!


Laurie Kennon
Alpaca Angel Acres

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