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Volume II, Issue 1
January 2009

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The Wonders of Alpaca Fiber
Alpaca Facts

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Welcome to 2009! All of us at Alpaca Angel Acres hope you and yours had a wonderful holiday season. With the new year upon us many exciting events will be taking place. Alpaca Angel Acres will be proud participants in the Great Western Alpaca Show, National Alpaca Farm Days and the Fall Festival just to name a few. We hope to see you at these and other exciting events. Happy New Year!

The Wonders of Alpaca Fiber...

Have you ever tried on a pair of socks that felt absolutely heavenly? The first time I put on a pair of 'Extreme Alpaca Socks' all I could think of was 'Wow'! These socks say it all when it comes to describing the wonders of alpaca fiber.

Do the socks you normally wear ever feel damp? Alpaca fiber:

  • is hypoallergenic
  • lanolin and dander free
  • highly thermal
  • does not absorb water into the fiber
  • has a much softer feel than wool
  • is lightweight
  • does not have the prickle effect experienced with wool

Alpaca SocksWool scales are smaller than alpaca and stick up at a sharper angle. This creates the prickle effect and can even cause an allergic reaction. Fibers are measured by micron count which is the width of the fiber and equivalent to 1/1000th of a millimeter. Alpaca fiber ranges between 15 to about 39 microns. We all know how extremely soft a baby's hair is and this is measured at about 70 microns. What a telling statistic this is for alpaca fiber! With the thermal characteristics of alpaca fiber you can wear your favorite alpaca socks or sweaters at any time of year. You'll be cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Order a pair today. You'll be saying 'Wow'!

Alpaca Facts...

  • 26.3% of registered alpacas have white fleece
  • 145,892 alpacas have been registered with the ARI since 1986
  • Ohio has the largest number of registered alpacas at 20,838
  • There are 9 registered alpacas in the District of Columbia

Extreme Alpaca Socks. Be sure and see the special offer listed below. Next month we will present the second half of our article 'The Art of Felting'. Until then have a wonderful month and be well!


Laurie Kennon
Alpaca Angel Acres

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