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Volume 1, Issue 4
December 2008

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Fall Festival Highlights
What is Camelidynamics?

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Angel Acre News...Holiday Edition!

Dear friends,

The holiday season is here! It was a busy November for Alpaca Angel Acres. Fall Festival is over and what a wonderful weekend it was. The following weekend it was off to Santa Barbara for Camelidynamics "basic training" with Marty McGee Bennett. The seminar, hosted by Joan Speirs and Hayley Jessup of the beautiful Alpacas at West Ranch was a tremendous learning experience and my first step to becoming a practitioner in Camelidynamics. What is Camelidynamics? Read below...

Fall Festival Highlights...

The ABR Fall Festival was a success!

Alpaca Angel Acres is proudly in possession of our first show ribbons. Competing in large classes Cervato and Hubble placed 5th and 6th respectively with judgment based 60% on fiber and 40% conformation. We are very happy with our placement. Cervato and Hubble are wonderful foundation herd "angels".

A Silent Auction was held at the Festival to support Camelid health research. The auction generated $3000 and I would like to give special thanks to Clem and Vickie Staack of "Burls N Antlers" for their donation. Clem crafts wonderful unique sets of wine tools made from aspen. This donation by Clem and Vickie generated many bids. "Thank you Clem and Vickie!" You can see all of Clem's creations at many craft fairs throughout Colorado.

The performance classes were truly the highlight of the festival. Young childrenand teens demonstrate their handling expertise and this is a very heartwarming performance to watch. These young handlers from Alpacas at Triple LNG Farm also took part in the costume contest. Hannah Higgs with Finian (Hippies), Neylan Griffy with Macaroni and Cheese (Elves) and Liam Griffy with Jetix (Indiana Jones and his Jeep) were wonderful representations for their farm and an absolute joy to watch.

It was an extraordinary weekend for Alpaca Angel Acres. Our next show will be the Great Western Alpaca Show in May 2009. We hope to see you there!

What is Camelidynamics?

When I first started visiting farms in my quest for all the information I could obtain, I had absolutely no knowledge of handling techniques with alpacas. Searching the internet I came across Camelidynamics developed by Marty McGee Bennett. I immediately ordered Marty's book "The Camelid Companion". Marty presents the alpacas point of view, of us, the owner and/or handler. This gives a perceptive insight as to how we are viewed by the alpaca and llama. I started practicing Camelidynamics with my alpacas and received a wonderful compliment on my handling at the Fall Festival from Mike Rodman of Alpacas of Vista Hermosa. Mike is the breeder of Cervato and Hubble and is very dedicated in his support to new alpaca owners. His compliment was a great testament to Camelidynamics. Thank you, Mike. And thank you, Marty! I highly recommend all new alpaca owners/handlers read Marty's book. Learn more about Camelidynamics...

Holiday gift ideas ...

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All of us at Alpaca Angel Acres wish all of you a wonderful, warm and safe holiday season. Until next time be well and Happy New Year!!


Laurie Kennon
Alpaca Angel Acres