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Volume 1, Issue 3
November 2008

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Upcoming Events

ABR Fall Festival
The Ranch, Loveland, Colorado. November 8-9

Camelidynamics Basic Training with Marty McGee Bennett
Santa Barbara, California
November 14-16

Winter Educational Conference,
Las Vegas, Nevada
January 16-18, 2009


Dear friends,

November is here and the ABR Fall Festival is next weekend just 6 short days away! Hubble, Cervato and myself have worked together to learn the teachings of Marty McGee Bennett and Camelidynamics. We're ready for our debut in the show ring! The Festival is free to the public and what a great opportunity this is to see alpacas up close and hear their unique "hum" as they communicate with us and each other. Enjoy the many events planned this year including the halter classes, performance classes with the obstacle course and don't miss the special holiday costumes. Be sure to bring your camera - there will be many memorable moments you won't want to miss capturing for future enjoyment. Highlights will be in our next issue. We'll see you at the festival! !

Hats for Cancer...

The Alpaca Breeders of the Rockies (ABR) recently held the annual Hats for Cancer in Ft. Collins and Parker Colorado. Alpaca Angel Acres was proud to be a participant in this wonderful event. The finished hats are donated to cancer patients in the local area. The different hat making techniques included wet felting, needle felting, crocheting and use of a loom. Hats were made within a matter of hours and what a wonderful way to spend the day and learn the wet felting and needle felting techniques. It was an extremely rewarding experience creating the hats and to know the warmth and softness of these hats will help patients fighting cancer stay warm during the upcoming cold winter season. Donations are appreciated and can be made to: ABR Hats for Cancer, C/O Billie Rogers, Dutch Valley Ranch, 136 S. Dutch Valley Road, Bennett, CO 80102.

Alpaca Facts...

  • Alpaca twins are rare
  • Alpacas are induced ovulators
  • Alpaca fleece is hypoallergenic containing no lanolin
  • Alpaca compares to cashmere and angora for fineness
  • Alpaca breed types are; "huacaya" and "suri"
  • Alpacas have soft padded feet with two toes

Learn the art of needle felting and wet felting through a link to our website in our next issue. More Alpaca Facts and holiday gift giving ideas coming soon. Until next time have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Laurie Kennon
Alpaca Angel Acres