Angel Acre News!

Volume 1, Issue 1
September 2008

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The Overnight Experience

The guest house at Alpaca Angel Acres is our way of providing "time" to stay and learn. Experience the calm and tranquility of these wonderful animals.

We'll keep you informed of our grand opening. Plan on taking in the local sites to be seen such as Bishop's Castle. The story of this castle and it's owner is quite unique. You won't want to miss seeing this extraordinary structure. Stay tuned!


Dear friends,

Welcome to our first monthly newsletter! In this issue we are presenting the newest members of our very own "angel" herd; Habanero, Hubble, Bolero and Cervato. Upcoming events this fall season include "The National Alpaca Farm Days" September 27 and 28. Participating farms can be found in your local area at Alpaca Angel Acres is looking forward to being a proud participant in the 2009 National Alpaca Farm Days. This years "Fall Festival" will be held in Loveland Colorado on November 7 through the 9th. Don't miss this opportunity to see Cervato in action as he competes for the "Blue Ribbon" in the juvenile halter class. We hope to see you there!

Presenting our newest "angels"!

Introducing from left to right Bolero, Hubble, Cervato and Habanero! Our newest angel boys are a wonderful addition to our training camp and Cameliddynamics created by Marty McGee Bennett. What is Cameliddynamics? What is TTeam? Who is it for the owner or the alpaca? Is it handling or training? Follow along in our next issue for pictures and progress notes!

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Laurie Kennon
Alpaca Angel Acres