Alpaca Web Site Design Tips

When it comes to your alpaca business, you want to make sure your web site design is just right. But where do you start?

A good alpaca web site design is simply a must in order to effectively build a business. Your alpaca web site is your farm’s calling card. But it’s hard to know where to start. How can you make sure you’re getting good value for your design investment?

We were once in your shoes. We decided to work with SEO Alpaca, a company that specializes in alpaca web site design. They helped us navigate the web design process and have shared the following tips to help other alpaca breeders get started.

Make sure the alpaca web designer can match your farm vision.
This is a business, so your web site must look professional. Talent and experience go a long way toward ensuring the alpaca web site design company you choose can do what you want. You want to work with someone who will give you input and suggest ways to make your web design even better. Check out samples and references for any alpaca web designer you’re thinking of working with.

Showcase your alpacas!
These are the lifeblood of your business, so make sure your web site design shows them off. As we build our herd, we will use the SEO Alpaca catalog system, because it makes it easy to add all the information that will help promote our alpacas. It’s designed to help our alpacas show up online better than other systems, also adding them automatically into the National Alpaca Directory for even more exposure.

Don’t wait – start your alpaca web site as soon as you can!
It takes time for new web pages to start showing up online, so the sooner you start the better. In fact, you’ll find that your alpaca web site will always be a work in progress, as you’ll be constantly adding and changing things to keep it up to date. It’s best to jump in with the ideas you have now and then give your web site time to grow.

Ensure web page updates are easy.
You’ll want to be able to add and change information on your site as your alpaca farm grows. You can get a system that lets you do it all yourself or you can also send it to your alpaca web design firm to have them update it for you.

Make sure your web design will show up online.
A beautiful web site isn’t worth much if people can’t find it easily online. You’ll want to make sure your alpaca web site can show up when people enter words like “your location” plus “alpacas”, etc. Because this requires specialized techniques, you should check that the samples a web design firm shows you are showing up high in Google. Sometimes web designers inadvertently use techniques that may look great but make it difficult for your site to show up for all the different words people may type in when they’re looking for alpacas in your area.

Behind-the-scenes details.
In order to get your alpaca web design set up, you need to register the domain name (web address) and also subscribe to a hosting plan. SEO Alpaca included this for us and also set up our email addresses. If I have any questions or problems, I can just call them and they will take care of it

For us, SEO Alpaca was the right choice. They designed our alpaca web site to look just like I wanted it to, and they also advised me on areas I wouldn’t have thought of myself. SEO Alpaca has been working with alpaca breeders for nearly a decade, and their expertise was invaluable for me. They offer alpaca web design solutions for nearly any budget. Visit and tell them Alpaca Angel Acres sent you