Alpaca Teddy Bear "Fluffy"

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Available in White
Hand made in Peru




This plush alpaca teddy bear "Fluffy" is so soft and cute - perfect to cuddle up with! The round face has shorter alpaca fleece to let the cute button eyes and nose stand out, while the fluffy ears and body fur just beg to be hugged. Sure to brighten anyone’s day, this plush alpaca teddy bear is approximately 8 inches tall and made from pure alpaca fiber.

Color: Available in assorted colors with black button eyes. There may be some color variation, as the alpaca fiber is completely natural and undyed.

Alpaca fiber is an emerging source for eco-friendly clothing and gifts, as it’s naturally replenished and harvested without harm to the alpaca.

Caution: Button eyes may be pulled off with extreme force. Our alpaca teddy bears are not intended for very young children or infants.

Care for your alpaca teddy bear by hand washing with cool water and a mild soap or human hair shampoo. Do not use chlorine bleach. Woolite is not recommended. Remove excess water carefully and avoid wringing or twisting. Allow to dry naturally. Do not use a dryer.



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