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       Alpaca Gifts - Unique Products Made from Cuddly Soft Alpaca Fiber

The cuddly and “warm fuzzy” feeling of just looking at an alpaca makes gift-giving utterly enjoyable. Alpaca, a specialty fiber, is soft and luxurious rivaling cashmere and angora for fineness. Alpaca is: naturally flame retardant, dander and lanolin free, superior in thermal characteristics, warm in winter, cool in summer and naturally soil resistant. Looking for something unique you don’t see here? Contact us today and we will find that special alpaca gift for your special someone!

Alpaca Socks, Hats, Gloves, Scarves, Earwarmers


Heavy Boot Socks


Hand spun!





Alpaca Fingerless Gloves for Ladies




Hand Spun Alpaca Yarn



of Bolero


Complements of Bolero & Rocket


Alpaca Friends

Alpaca Friends


Alpaca Teddy Bears



Alpaca Teddy Bear 5.5"


Alpaca Teddy Bear 8"







Alpaca Essentials

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