Alpaca Product Sales

Alpaca clothing and other products made from alpaca fiber are gaining popularity quickly. The supreme wearability and versatility of alpaca fleece make it an ideal fabric for sweaters, socks, blankets, rugs and more.

You can find and buy many items made from alpaca fiber through our online Alpaca Products Store and also at our Colorado Rocky Mountains alpaca farm and guesthouse.

If you are looking for a specific alpaca product and you’d like some help finding it, please let us know. We love to help connect our customers and fellow alpaca lovers with special hard-to-find alpaca products.

Alpaca Fiber

Alpaca fiber is also an emerging source for eco-friendly clothing, as it’s naturally replenished and harvested without harm to the alpacas. In fact, many clothing manufacturers now incorporate alpaca fiber in their clothing, sometimes mixed with other types of fibers. Learn more about the benefits of clothing and products made from alpaca fiber.

Alpaca fiber is also surprisingly easy to care for, making it a no-hassle fabric that will last for years and years. Learn how to care for and clean alpaca clothing.

Shop our Alpaca Products Store now or contact us with your request. Then make plans to visit our Colorado alpaca farm in person!

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