What is an Alpaca?

Alpacas are from the camelid family and make an ideal farm animal. They are smaller than their cousin the Llama with an average adult height between 24 to 36 inches at the withers (highest point of the shoulder). Adult alpacas weigh less than 200 pounds. This light weight along with their soft padded feet makes the alpaca very gentle to our environment. Offspring known as “Cria” are produced yearly with a gestation period of about 335 to 345 days.

Physical characteristics of the alpaca include:

  • long neck
  • square muzzle
  • large expressive eyes (sometimes blue-colored!)
  • spear-shaped ears
  • short tail

Alpacas may have a fuzzy appearance if they are part of the Huacaya alpaca breed, while the Suri breed has long silky curled locks - the likes of which most of us can only get at the beauty parlor!

Alpacas are sweet-natured, tranquil animals. They produce a soft hum that’s soothing and peaceful. It’s instant love for all who see them!