Alpacas - exotic livestock?

Absolutely not! A wonderful milestone was recently achieved for the alpaca industry. With the help of some very dedicated members of congress, the Food, Conservation, and Energy Act of 2008, also known as The Federal Farm Bill, was passed on May 22, 2008. This bill declared our North American alpacas as livestock!

Many over the years have felt the alpaca industry wouldn’t last. That it was just a fad. Our industry has been around for 24 years and still there are a few skeptics. But the federal government recognizes alpacas are here to stay! The Federal Farm Bill will smooth the way for many of the issues alpaca breeders have faced such as:

The alpaca industry is young and growing rapidly in North America. Streams of income from the alpaca farming industry are many and varied, including:

So, are alpacas exotic livestock? Absolutely not! Thanks to the Federal Farm Bill classifying North American alpacas as livestock, alpaca farming is now poised for greater business growth than ever. New income streams are emerging every day in the alpaca livestock industry, under the guidance of the many wonderful people dedicated to the growth and genetic improvement of the North American alpaca herd.

More information on the following pdf documents:
Please view page 91 of the The 2008 Farm Bill and page 34 of the Section-by-Section Comparison of House Bill,
Senate Amendment, and Current Law

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