Alpaca breeding


Alpaca Angel Acres is dedicated to the creation of fine fiber alpacas and the enhancement of the North American alpaca herd.

Traits that have a high heritability include:

Setting goals for your breeding program and careful selection of your breeding stock will lead to constancy and expectancy.  Conformation is important in the show ring but is much less heritable. 

Selection of sires continues to be the best way of improving the genetic makeup of your herd.


Introducing AVH Peruvian Galaxy



‘Galaxy’…a blue ribbon winner at the 2009 ABR Fall Festival Fleece Show!

Galaxy is currently booking breedings for 2012 at just $1100.00.  Don’t miss your chance with this outstanding fleece full of crimp, density and shine!


Contact Michael Rodman of Alpacas of Vista Hermosa at 303 840-6369 or email Michael at [email protected] to schedule your breeding today!