The Camelid Companion

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By Marty McGee Bennett


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This book is a must have for all alpaca owners new or seasoned! Camelidynamics is a training and handling program with major emphasis on handling. Created by founder Marty McGee Bennett, Marty teaches alpaca/llama owners and handlers the techniques that will insure your alpaca or llama feels safe in your presence. When your camelid feels safe with you they will trust you.

Not sure this is a necessary requirement? Do you:

These are just some of the problems many alpaca and llama owners encounter every day. It doesn't have to be this way!  Marty gives extraordinary insight as to how the camelid sees us. What an eye opener this is!

Alpacas and llamas are very curious. Overriding their curiosity, and above all else, they need to feel safe. Marty's book teaches this.

'The Camelid Companion' will help you with:

Alpacas are wonderful animals. You can have the relationship you want with just a little insight into this remarkable breed!


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