Paca Socks

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Available in Heather Coco, Heather Black

Made in the USA

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Paca Socks are a great alternative to our Extreme Alpaca Socks collection. Paca Socks feature an eye-catching ‘Heather’ look and can be worn for both work and play! These comfortably warm socks make a wonderful gift for everyone including those on the go!

Made of 38% alpaca, 37% acrylic, 23% nylon and 2% lycra, Paca Socks feature the superb thermal characteristics of alpaca with warmth, strength, durability and dryness AND are user friendly! In a hurry and your favorite Paca Socks are still in the washer waiting to be hung up to dry? No need to fret here. Paca Socks can be dried in the dryer with no worry of shrinkage!

Colors: Paca Socks are available in Heather Coco, Heather Black and Heather Grey

Alpaca fiber is an emerging source for eco-friendly clothing and gifts, as it’s naturally replenished and harvested without harm to the alpaca.

Sizes available:

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