Fluff and Friends

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Available in White, Fawn, Beige, Black, Blue, Pink
Made in China

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These adorable "buddies" are almost as cute as the real thing! "Fluff" takes center stage in the picture above. All the "buddies" are approximately 10" tall and are made of polyester and polyester fill. These adorable “buddies” are the perfect gift for your special someone this holiday Season... be it your child or your “child at heart”!  Each “buddie” is sold separately but as “buddies” are they do not like to be alone!  This is also true for alpacas as you will always want to have at least “two” in your herd!


Supplies are limited!  Order now to receive your alpaca “buddie” before the holiday!


Ages from 4 years to adult.


                    "Blu"                                "Pinkey"                                        "Fluff"                                "Lovey"



                                     "Jax"                                            "Midnight"                                             "Timmy"




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