Alpaca Headband Earwarmers

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Currently sold out - We are busy making more!  Stay tuned!

Available in White, Fawn or Bay Black

Made in Colorado



Alpaca Headband Earwarmers!  I am very proud of these Earwarmers.  The yarn is hand spun by yours truly and complements of Gabriel, Barney and Topy/Hubble/Pancho.  Future Earwarmers will be coming from Humo, Bolero and Rocky.  Their fiber is very soft and you will certainly notice the warmth surrounding your ears. 


The Earwarmers are 90% alpaca fiber and 10% merino.


Watch for more products from the “boys”!


Alpaca fiber is an emerging source for eco-friendly clothing and gifts, as it’s naturally replenished and harvested without harm to the alpaca.


Care/cleaning: Wash in cold water and hang up to dry.


Check back often as we revise and update our new Alpaca Gifts Specialty Store!

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