Welcome to Alpaca Angel Acres


Our alpaca farm is located just east of beautiful Colorado Springs with a gorgeous view of Pikes Peak in the distance.             


                            Our Mission: Enrich a child’s day or dad’s day through our loving alpacas with hands-on learning

                                                 visits to our farm in a safe, clean, well cared for environment.

                            Our Mantra: Delivering “warm fuzzies” every day.

Visit our farm and learn about the alpaca, alpaca fiber, Camelidynamics and the rewarding alpaca owners’ lifestyle.

Considering starting an alpaca farm or buying alpacas but not sure it’s right for you? Spend time with our alpacas and receive their unique “warm fuzzy” that only an alpaca can give. Listen to their soothing hum and watch their antics as they play in the pasture.

Interested in fiber arts? Be a part of Community Supported Agriculture and Local Harvest.

Looking for a unique gift? Visit our Specialty Gift Store and find that special gift for your special someone!